Monday, January 12, 2009

I almost forgot.....

Dr. Wanene on Saturday took me to see one of the MRI scanners that is now here in Eldoret.  It's a Siemens 0.3T open-sided magnet.  One of the reasons for the low field strength is that it's a non-superconducting magnet.  The advantage of which is much lower maintenence including no need for liquid helium or liquid nitrogen, which I'm guessing are pretty hard to come by in Africa.

I feel both happy and sad about the arrival of MR in Eldoret.  I'm happy because it allows a completely new experience for the radiologists here, and I think it makes Eldoret more attractive to radiologists.  However, the poor people of the country who need our help the most do not have any access to these two machines.  There is no subsidy of indigent care at either of the two private hospitals.  I had never before thought that it would be technically possible to have MRI in Eldoret, and now that it's been done (and is being supported by manufacturers), I have hope that we could raise funds to purchase an MRI scanner for MTRH.  Especially in light of the increased interest in neurosurgery that I mentioned earlier.  If you're interested in contributing, send me an e-mail.


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