Friday, January 23, 2009

A Chill Evening

Tonight I was treated to a great meal with great company.  Betsy and Tal Bosin 'imported' a stick of pepperoni from the states and used it to make pizza tonight.  For those of you who don't know, pizza is one of the things that is impossible for Kenyans to understand and make well, it apparently takes the mzungu touch.  For my contribution to dinner I made a pan of my famous brownies.

I also made a Berne connection tonight - it's impossible to escape them.  Dr. Edward Leichty arrived today, he's a neonatologist from Riley and is working in Busia (Kelvin's home town) with some nurse midwives to improve obstetric care as a part of a global study that has two sites in Africa, one in Pakistan, at least one in South America and a few others that I can't remember right now.  The project is funded by the NIH and Gates Foundation (more info here).

I'm also really excited because tomorrow morning I get to go on a bird walk with Joe Mamlin, which is one of the most special treats that one can hope to have in Kenya.  Will post an update tomorrow, although the bird pics are relatively crappy with my point-and-shoot.

Hope everything is well in the states.  Send me an e-mail if you have a spare minute :-)

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heather said...

Point & Shoot? I am sorry, who is this and what have you done with Marc, our super photog?? I am sure he wouldn't go half way around the world with a point and shoot. That is just silly.