Friday, January 9, 2009

Cast and Crew

I thought that I would take a few blog posts to introduce some of the people that I work with in Kenya.  Oh and no, Kenyans frequently don't smile for pictures, unless they have been hanging around a lot of Wazungu.
This is Pamela - she works for the MTRH IT Department (a.k.a. ICT).  She is one of the best people entering CXRs into the system.  Pamela has been working on RIS/PACS since I was last here in 2007.
This is Dr. Wanene - he is a radiologist and is excellent at ultrasound-guided procedures, as well as doppler examinations.

With regards to the computer project, I found yesterday a great little tool called jpg2dcm.  Given only a text file and a jpg image it creates a dicom object.  What this means is that we can now start a real image archive to house the CXR images.  We'll also then be able to use many of the available tools for viewing and manipulating dicom images.  I also think that the CT scanner is capable of dicom, and one of the ultrasound scanners may be as well.  We could be on our way to a real PACS system at MTRH, which I'm very, very excited about.

Last night the people who didn't go on safari this weekend put together a bonfire party with some of the Kenyans who hang around the house.  Tim and Benson got a goat, slaughtered it, cleaned it and roasted it over a fire at river house.  There was plenty of Tusker flowing, and the biggest pot of ugali that I have ever seen (the platter was the size of a trash-can lid, and the ugali was about 6 inches tall on it)!

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Isaac said...

Looks like good times, I can't wait to make it out and see Kenya with you!