Thursday, January 22, 2009


Sometimes it's hard to feel like I'm getting anything accomplished because there is so much to do here, so I thought I'd wrap up some of the major things that have been accomplished: We now have a form for reporting chest x-rays that takes very little time to enter and we've developed a printable .pdf report that can be used to return with the film for improved communication, so people shouldn't have to write or type anything.  Now all we left is the easy part - to entice our Kenyan colleagues to read the films. 
Someone requested some bird pics so here is your diversion for the day!
These are weavers begging at the Lake Baringo Island Camp last weekend.

 The ugliest birds ever - Maribou Stork  (Masai Mara - last trip)

Go-away bird (Masai Mara - last trip)

Wattled Plover (Masai Mara - last trip)
Kenyan Starlings are so beautiful.


Jus said...

the bird images are lovely! Did you bring your Kindle with you to Kenya? If so have you tried working with it?


Marc said...

I did bring my Kindle. The charger works with the 220V that is ubiquitous here. None of the wireless features work over here so you have to use USB to transfer new books and .pdf files. Other than the wireless it works just like it would in the states.

Heitkampfam said...

Beautiful. I'm so jealous.