Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun in St. Louis

MDK-20080927-1729, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.
I wish that I could be a prolific, timely blogger like my good friend hkelly. Unfortunately you people are subjected to abbreviated, late posts. Oh well, here you go.

Two weekends ago we went to St. Louis and took in a Cardinal's game with our good friends Katie and Chris. We walked around St. Louis at night and didn't even get shot.

We saw a girl that was near death from alcohol on the Landing which was creepy. I haven't seen someone that sedated, even *at work* for some time.

Check flickr for the rest of the photos.


heather said...

Come on everyone knows that radiologists love to get their drink on at work, oh wait, that's not what you meant ;-)

Marc said...