Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vroom, Vroom!

MDK-20080912-1707, originally uploaded by monkeydoc.

Went to the Indianapolis Red Bull MotoGP this weekend. Had a great time despite the weather. Kreg, Dad, and Don all came in. We had a few extra tickets for the race so my new buddy Jon, and my old friend Fritz came along as well. The race was certainly exciting, and I reordered our tickets for next year already.

This race blew the 500 and Brickyard away in several areas: for one it's not nearly as massive so it's a ton easier to park and get around. Also, the crowd wasn't nearly as rowdy and there were a ton of vendors nicely laid out in the paddock. You can't beat umbrella girls either. It was a true joy and will be even better when the weather cooperates with riding in.

We also went to the flat-track race on Saturday night at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. I've never been to a flat-track race, and it was really something to see all of those Harleys flying around sideways nearly the whole time. We even ran into Nicky Hayden in the pits, which was way cool, although I screwed Kreg over and missed his photo op - sorry!

Kreg took some great pictures both at the motogp and the dirt track, so we'll look forward to his posts on flickr.

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