Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Geekin' Out

So, I've started my fellowship at the Regenstrief Institute, which has been wierd. I've never had my own cubicle before, and I think that I'm pretty glad for that. The Institute is still quite a bit more old-school than a game design company, so building up my collection of snappy tees will have to wait.

One thing that I've really been enjoying lately is a "keystroke launcher" called Launchy. Launchy scans your start menu and allows you to launch programs without the stupid slow start menu. You basically hit "alt-space" and type in the first few letters of what you want to open. So starting up firefox is as easy as "alt-space fir enter" If there are more programs that would match "fir" it will show you a list and remember which one you pick. It's definitely teh shiznit. Damn, there goes that geek again. Hard to get it to stop lately. For you Mac savvy peeps out there, Quicksilver does everything that Launchy can do and much more.


Isaac said...

LOVE the new layout!! I almost forgot about Launchy, thanks for the reminder, I'll check it out!

Marc said...

yeah, that old layout needed to go, thanks for teh love!