Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Studyin' Sucks

I've been overwhelmed with studying for my Oral Board exams that are coming up in the end of May. Everything is pretty much on hold, including major video-gaming, which is a real bummer. Especially considering the launch of GTA-IV today. Even NPR had a surprisingly interesting and balanced story about the launch.

For the record here's the list of games that I'm going to be playing while not outdoors this summer -


Isaac Epp and Kerry Laws said...

Sorry studying sucks ;)

That is quite the stellar list of games!!! I just booted up an installed GTAIV last night... it's quite impressive so far. I heard the NPR review last night and was pretty blown away! Very very solid work, and surprising given the violent nature and stigma of the series!

craftyk said...

I believe monkey can lend you many of these games when you are through with boards! Let us know which ones you haven't bought yet :)~Kerry

Marc said...

The only one that I've bought is Mario Kart, which is pretty fun. Some of the others aren't out yet. I'm sure I'll be borrowin' in June :-)