Friday, February 8, 2008



The Daily Nation reported today that opposition leader Raila Odinga stated that ODM was no longer demanding to be given their alleged presidential victory. UN mediator Kofi Annan said “The topic is a crucial one, and proved divisive at times, but the talks proceeded in a good spirit, moving more slowly than in previous sessions but moving steadily ahead.”

Regardless of the speed of movement, progress is progress … even if at a snail’s pace.

AMPATH started with just one patient in 2000. A short 7 years later, over 60,000 HIV-positive patients receive care and over 30,000 people per week, receive food. Beginning with one single patient, a generation of Kenyans will see their children grow up to become adults. From one small crack in the dam of immovable positions, the weight of a country’s yearning for peace could overcome any obstacles that stand in the way of those freedoms.

AMPATH continues to serve those in need. The 900+ heroes of AMPATH continue to demonstrate the true human spirit of care and compassion.

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