Thursday, February 28, 2008

The latest from Eldoret

Rejoicing all over Kenya is the rule of the day.

About an hour ago, an historic agreement was signed by Raila Odinga and President Kibaki. In fact, Kenya TV showed Raila Odinga referring to Mr. Kibaki as “President Kibaki”, the first time he has uttered that salutation since late December.

I received word from Bob to “Let the floodgates open! We are looking forward to any faculty member, resident, and other staff member wishing to visit here.”

Joe Mamlin stated “Prayers are answered, civil war is averted and Kenya is preparing to rise to heights never dreamed of in Africa. The IU-Kenya Program celebrates this victory and resolves anew to give all that we have to the new energy committed to nation building. We will reach for the sick, the poor and the marginalized as partners with our Kenyan colleagues to do our part to make sure the Kenyan dream is shared by all. We are simply overjoyed today and ready to work…. All of us together waited so earnestly for this moment. After two months, Tonight, Sarah Ellen and I will unpack the two small bags beside our bed. We no longer need an emergency bag as we run for our lives. Our lives are beginning afresh today just as Kenya enters the first day of true independence.”

We can finally begin the process of providing all necessary materials to IU OSAC appealing for a quick continuation of student travel approval. However, as stated earlier, student travel for March remains cancelled. We will alert all to new developments concerning student travel when that option becomes available.

We look forward to participating with Kenya as it reaches for new heights never before imagined or achieved for Kenya.

It’s a great day for Kenya, AMPATH, and all peace loving peoples of the world.


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