Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hell In A Handbasket - updated

Another update. Originally, our tickets were for January 13th. At this time, we're going to wait at least a week before canceling or changing the tickets.


As the New Year began, I was hopeful that we could report that the situation in Kenya was improving; unfortunately that is not the case. Eldoret has unfortunately become a hotbed of fighting, lootings and much violence. Currently, Joe and Sarah Ellen Mamlin remain safe. IU House has become a refuge and is becoming just as full as was predicted for January, but this time with frightened Kenyan friends. Joe and Sarah Ellen are doing their best to feed those many who have come to IU House for aid.

Our originally estimated date for safe travel to Kenya (January 9) seems to be ever more elusive. Consequently, please make no plans that involve travel to Kenya prior to January 15. Until we are able to assess the situation from a medical needs perspective as well as the infrastructure needs to IU House and Eldoret, we are unable to continue with the program as scheduled.

I will continue daily updates, but as originally stated by our offices, no travel is permitted until further notice.

--Marc and Lisa

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