Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hell In A Handbasket

For those of you following along at home, Kenya's having a pretty rough time with election results from last week. In all likelihood the incumbent president fudged a lot of votes in order to stay in power and has really pissed people off. You can read a detailed history of the current events from the New York Times here.

Also, we just got the following via e-mail from the IU Kenya folks:

Due to the Presidential Elections on Dec 27 and the resulting unrest due to Pres. Kibaki claiming victory and being sworn to begin his 2nd term, we are suspending all travel to Kenya until further notice. Bob & I will be in daily communication with Joe and Shawn and will keep all informed about the situation on the ground in Kenya. Please do not request information from Shawn as this may quickly overwhelm the communication capabilities at this time.

We will update all via this distribution list on a daily basis and are optimistic that the situation in Kenya will stabilize quickly and we can once again support rotations to Kenya.

We hope that things calm down, but we're not about to go if it's unsafe, so we'll keep you updated here.

--Marc and Lisa


Isaac Epp and Kerry Laws said...

Oh noes! That's really crazy and not cool. I hope you guys can go!

Stoneman56 said...

Hey, saw the evening news and thought of your trip.
Glad your getting the information needed to make a safe decision.
Our thoughts will be with yu both